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Hall of Fame: History and Criteria

History and List of Inductees

Mercer County Tennis Council's main activity has been its tennis hall of fame. It was established in 1992 and has been held every 4 years since. Here are the current inducted members:

John Conroy, Marty Devlin, Bill Hughes, Eve Kraft, Bill Stoner

Richard Coffee, Jack Geisel, Bayard Jordan, Paul Napolitano

David A. Benjamin, Daniel L. Haggerty, Jr., Roberta Harper, William D. Humes

Nicole Arendt, Anne Baxter Humes, Fritz Kuser, Ann LoPrinzi, Eddie Moylan

Nicole Arendt
Nicole Arendt ©
Anne Maxwell Humes
Anne Baxter Humes ©
Ann LoPrenzi
Ann LoPrinzi ©
Eddie Moylan
Eddie Moylan ©
Fritz Kuser
Fritz Kuser ©


Carl Abbott, Stan Dlugosz, Louise Gengler, David Haggerty, and Jay Lapidus.

Inductees at 2008 Mercer County Tennis Hall of Fame
Carl Abbott, Stan Dlugosz, Louise
Gengler, David Haggerty ©



The Mercer County Tennis Hall of Fame was initiated in 1992 by the Mercer County Tennis Council to recognize persons who have made outstanding contributions to tennis through involvement in competition, education, officiating, recreation, media, industry, or any others who have advanced the cause of tennis. This shall include those who were Mercer County residents or those whose actions had a positive impact upon Mercer County and the game of tennis. The record of achievement must be balanced by a reputation that can be admired and respected. Membership is intended to represent a highly selective group.


The Mercer County Tennis Council shall induct new members every four years. The Council will appoint a Nominating Committee, which is not restricted to members of the Council, who will prepare a slate of candidates complete with biographical information. Any suggestions for nominations must be forwarded to a Nominating Committee member.


A ballot will be prepared by the Nominating Committee. Members of the Nominating Committee, members of the Mercer County Tennis Council, and previously selected inductees are automatic voting members. Additional persons may be invited to vote upon majority approval of the Nominating Committee.

The top four vote getters shall be placed into the Hall of Fame. The Nominating Committee has the right to select a fifth person.

Any exceptions proposed by a member of the Nominating Committee to the above must be approved by two-thirds vote of the Nominating Committee.