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3 Local USTA League team go to nationals

October 31, 2007 06:04 PM

Terry Schneider's 3.5 team

Terry Schneider and his 3.5 USTA League adult team fell short of reaching their year-long goal of winning a national championships, but they came close. After an undefeated season followed by wins at the district and sectional levels, the Pennsbury Lightning played in the nationals last weekend in Las Vegas.


They scored a 5-0 win over the Mid-Atlantic Section and lost to Southern, 1-4. The squad also lost a close encounter with Southwest 2-3 with three of the five matches going the three-set distance. Southern, their flight winner, went on to a third place finish.



Sean Tavel's 5.0 team

A local men’s USTA League tennis team competed in the national championships last weekend in Indian Wells, CA. The team, an advanced 5.0 level, played three matches in their flight and finished with one win and two losses, not enough to advance. They found the competition very tough, according to captain Sean Tavel, but they relished the great experience of playing in the nationals.


In the first team match, they lost to Missouri Valley 3-0. They then won over Hawaii 2-1 but lost to Eastern 2-1 in the third and final match. Making the trip were Tavel, Brad Werner, Chris Clayton, Eric-Jan Walson, and Jim Cryan.


David Kalmus' 3.0 team

For a team with no formal structure, the 3.0-level USTA League team captained by David Kalmus did quite well. After a successful spring season capped by a win at the sectional championships, the men competed at the national championships last weekend in Las Vegas. The typical format at nationals is that teams from the 17 sections are divided into four flights and the winner of each flight advances to the semifinals. Kalmus’ team came in second in their flight with a loss only to Texas, the eventual champion.


The team, which plays out of Mercer County Park, won over the Southwest, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest Sections and lost to Texas 5-0. Two of those courts went to three sets. The Mercer men were not with a full complement of players. One had been disqualified at the sectionals and another was injured while playing his first match in Vegas.


It was interesting for Kalmus and his team to see how seriously other teams prepared. There were 18 players on the Texas team, and they were 9. Texas practiced 3-4 times a week with a pro, and Kalmus had no serious practices. Kalmus even played one match there with a partner he had never played with before.”


 “It was a lot of fun,” summed up Kalmus. “We held our own.”