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Mercer Fall League results

December 10, 2007 05:59 PM

The outdoor Fall League that is offered by Mercer County has grown in popularity. In just-completed league play, 441 players participated and that is the largest number since the league began. Although almost all of the 223 players in the 36 divisions who qualified for the playoffs played through October outside and finished, there are just a few divisions that will complete play inside. Following are the 2007 results, with the winner of each division listed first followed by the runner-up.



12 and under: Nicholas Chen, Michael Zhao.

14 and under: Garrett Smith, Dhruv Sachdeva.

16 and under: Eric Trast, Benjamin Pinter.


Men’s singles

3.0: David Maconi, Jeff Sutterlin.

3.5: Greg Lutrell, Jason Ciaccio.

4.0: Eric Pallop, Ram Donthireddy.

4.5: (not completed).

5.0: Joe Liang, Milan Sogan.

5.5: (not completed).


Men’s doubles

4.0: Don Hofmann/Tom Poliseno, Charles Ortegon/Guru Redkar.

4.5: Andy Lee/Warren Shahbazian, Harish Nankani/Daniel Steinberg.

5.0: Greg Del Favero/Keith Tuccillo,     Brian Dubrule/Pavel Lvov.

5.5: Raj Pillai/Ajay Rangu, Dan Thompson/Martyn Walker.


Mixed doubles

3.5: Slava Andreyev/Victoria Baikova, Natalya Kochetova/Alex Serov.

4.0: Jeff Lewin/Holly Ostroff, Dave Thurston/Gayle Thurston.

4.5: Jaime Adeane/Kevin Koch, Rafael Innis/Robin Wolf.


Women’s singles

3.0: Gina Cullinane, Annemarie Schnabel.

3.5: Maria Merlo, Elisabeth Oosterhoff.

4.0: Jill Kane, Chris Kostinas.

4.5: Monica Cruse, Andrea Franz.

5.0: Barbara Ahern, Nancy Barrand.


Women’s doubles

3.5: Jean Knab/Ingrid Kohler, Susan Kovacs/Mary Wilson.

4.0: Trish Miele/Gayle Thurston, Kathy Kunze/Krystal Odell.

4.5: Jaime Adeane/Laura McCracken, Nancy Plum/Beth Shearer.


Senior men

40 “B level”: Louis Tesoro, Wade Caulton.

40 “C level”: Jim Leedom, Rajan Kumar.

50 “A level”: (not completed).

50 “B level”: Phil Hahn, Mark Chmielewski.

50 “C Level”: Don LaCrosse, Dan Hogan.

60 “A level”: Stan Dlugosz, Anthony Petruzzi.

60 “B level”: Mark Paroly, Tony Hoeflinger.

60 “C level”: Walter Bula, Don LaCrosse.


Daytime women’s singles

3.5: Ingrid Cagan, Debbie Meixler.

4.0: Christina Shu, Joyce Nagel.


Daytime men’s senior singles

50 “B level”: Jack Milazzo, Anthony Ferrare.